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Background Materials
  • IMMPACT-XXV Slide Presentations

  • 1. Definitions, historical perspective and best practices on patient engagement in research
  • Christine Goertz, DC, PhD
  • 2. Major findings of background scoping/narrative review
  • Simon Haroutounian, PhD, MSc
  • 3. Major findings of systematic review
  • Ewan McNicol, PharmD, MS, and McKenzie Ferguson, PharmD
  • 4. Research agency funders panel discussion
  • 4a. David Atkins, MD, MPH
  • 4b. Rebecca Baker, PhD
  • 4c. Kristin Carman, PhD, MA
  • 4d. Rachel Knowles, MD, PhD
  • 4e. Jeremy Taylor, OBE
  • 5. The "how tos:" starting at the beginning - how to identify, locate, and incorporate patients in the planning of clinical pain research
  • Karen Morales, BS, and Gail Graham
  • 6. Special considerations: inclusion of diverse, disparate and hard to reach populations
  • Jonathan Jackson, PhD
  • 7. The "how tos:" incorporating patient partners in the conduct of clinical pain research
  • Kathryn Martin, PhD, MPH, and Lynn Laidlaw
  • 8. The "how tos:" incorporating patient partners in the dissemination/implementation of findings from clinical pain research
  • Christine Chambers, PhD, and Isabel Jordan, BSc
  • 9. The "how tos:" special considerations for industry pain trials
  • David Leventhal, MBA
  • 10. Regulatory agency perspectives in engaging patient partners and other stakeholders in the planning and conduct of pain clinical trials
  • 10a. Nathalie Bere, MPH
  • 10b. Robyn Bent, RN, MS, CAPT
  • 10c. Alysha Croker, PhD
  • 11. The "how tos:" measuring patient engagement in the planning, conduct and dissemination/implementation of clinical pain research
  • Laura Forsythe, PhD, MPH
  • 12. Journal reporting on patient (and other stakeholder) engagement in the planning and conduct of clinical pain research
  • 12a. Frank Keefe, PhD
  • 12b. Mark Jensen, PhD